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Bruce Alan Greene, a native of Newton Massachusetts and graduate of the American Film Institute conservatory,  has been working in Hollywood for over 30 years as a specialist in narrative cinema.


His Steadicam and camera operating work has appeared in feature films as varied as "The Mask", "Mortal Kombat", "Star Trek VI", "The Man without a Face", "Confidence", "Path to War", "Starship Troopers", and Francis Coppola's “Dracula”.


Bruce is now working as a Director of Photography. And quite by accident specializing in feature films for the Russian market.  His credits include “Close Enemy”, “8 First Dates”, “Love in the Big City 3”, and, the most recent hit comedy, “8 New Dates” (now playing at a theater near you, if you live in Russia, Ukraine, or Kazakhstan!).


The comedies, "8 First Dates", Love in the Big City 3", and "8 New Dates", filmed with Producer/Director Marius Wiesburg, and co-director/editor David Dodson, were major hits in the Russian cinema from 2012 - 2015. Nearly 2 Million tickets sold for each film while competing against all the major Hollywood releases.


Like in the movie "Galaxy Quest", Bruce vows in his work to "never give up" and "never surrender!"



From Director David Dodson (8 First Dates, Love in the Big City 3):


As a director and editor of feature films, I look for a director of photography with a deep and versatile sensitivity to the story we are trying to tell. I look for a director of photography who is able to use the technology of cinema to help create something that lives beyond that technology. I look for leadership and good humor. But mostly I look for artistry. Bruce Greene has all of this and much more.


A true professional, Bruce has a passion for story. He believes that his first job is to help reveal character. He believes that he is a partner with the filmmakers in the singular effort to create vibrant, living people on screen. Bruce understands that he cinematographer's palette of brushes and paints is more than just a tool, but is the conductor of cinematic electricity. I watched over and over as Bruce transformed a simple location into a magical place where wonderful and amazing things can happen.


Stories told on film demand a cinematographer with a full and complete understanding of the language of cinema. So much more than merely pretty pictures, cinema is about content and meaning. Cinema is about mainlining story and emotion directly into an audience's head and heart. These are the eyes through which Bruce sees a project. When working with Bruce, I was continuously amazed by his sensitivity to the motivations and goals of the characters. But more than that, I was amazed at Bruce's intuitive way of transforming those motivations and goals into something real and visual.


Anyone can put up lights and make beautiful pictures. But not everyone can tell a story. Fortunately for anyone who works with Bruce Alan Greene, they get both.


David Dodson

Los Angeles, California

Director/Editor “8 First Dates” and “Love in the Big City 3”

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